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Furniture Removal Companies


The following removal companies could provide you with a quote - they have all, at various times brought or taken people’s goods to or from Alcatraz Self Storage.

Note: Alcatraz Self Storage does not do house removals

 - we leave that to the ‘experts’ - we concentrate all our efforts on Self Storage.

Here are some companies that might be worth contacting, but there are many others that also do excellent removals: 

Barnett's Furniture Transport [Adelaide Hills]: (08) 8391 0023 

Faulkner Removals: 0422 808 600 or (08) 8391 6114 

Adelaide Hills Removals:  (08) 8391 0719 or 0417 910 718

River Murray Removalists: (08) 85325715

Alliance Furniture Removals: 1300 886 533  

     Also worth trying:-

Jim's Removals: 1300 208 430

W.E.Hughes: (08) 8295 7899

Quotes Central:

Moving Select:

It is always best for the customer to phone direct for a quote from a removal company.





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